ReStream Solutions

An Innovative Approach to Fluid Monitoring

Through the integration of proprietary software/hardware offerings, ReStream Solutions monitors fluid chemistry in real-time, while automating the chemical application process to resolve potential problems associated with oilfield fluids. ReStream also allows its customers to incorporate traditionally disparate and fragmented data into a single, comprehensive framework, which provides real-time characterization of fluid chemistry and production statistics.

ReStream Solutions is proud to bring the power of cloud-computing, real-time chemical analysis and application, and SaaS efficiencies to the exploration and production industry. Contact us to learn how we can help increase productivity, extend the meantime between well failures, and more efficiently maintain oilfield and pipeline equipment.


Company Leadership

Multi-disciplinary Expertise

ReStream Solutions is comprised of highly knowledgeable exploration and production experts, whose multi-disciplinary skills and experiences position them as leaders in production fluid monitoring and chemical application.

ReStream Solutions is currently hiring software and computer programming developers proficient in php, python, HTML5 and MySQL. To learn more about current employment opportunities, please email

Billy Roberts
President & Founder

Multiple start-up contributor/founder with extensive experience in technology development, commercialization, and scalable growth from idea conception and seed rounds through Series C transactions.

Neal Tanner
Software Development

PhD from Stanford in Control Systems and experience in development of scalable software architectures. Neal has successfully managed SW development for programs in the medical, E&P and big data markets

Steve Braccini

Founder of several successful companies with multiple exits to investors and VC’s. Steve built the largest fastener company in the US west of the Mississippi – out of his garage.

Marc Nall

Business advisor with experience in developing sales and growth strategies for multiple markets including software, retail and the E&P industry. Marc has successfully built scalable sales platforms for start-ups and large corporations, and managed the teams responsible for implementing them.

Ed Tabor

Extensive experience in evaluating conventional and unconventional asset plays and their potential yield/profitability. Ed has worked for E&P majors around the world and developed cutting edge data-management tools to unlock reservoir potential.

Walton Lawrence - Partner, ReStream Solutions
Walton Lawrence
Business Development

Accomplished new business generation executive with extensive experience on both sides of the table over the past 17 years, since he began following his passion for leveraging new technologies to improve operations and increase profit margins in a wide range of industries

Chris Basilotto
Chris Basilotto
Customer Experience

15 years of startup experience ranging from real estate, software subscription and water treatment technologies servicing E&Ps. Specialty focus on client relationship management and optimization of customer experience.