ProStream Oilfield Fluid Monitoring

Increase well productivity & Decrease Maintenance Expenses

For decades, fixed-rate chemical application programs have been applied to oilfield fluids with fluctuating chemistries. This approach leads to inefficient chemical dosing and asset management schemes, which impact well production and equipment longevity. Leveraging advances in technology, and through the integration of proprietary software/hardware offerings, the ReStream Solutions ProStream Fluid monitoring package provides operators with real-time, on-site fluid chemistry and dynamics monitoring, and automates the chemical application process.


Computer Monitoring Blue 2 ProStream systems utilize cloud-based data management and analysis tools to monitor assets at a local, geographic and reservoir level. The real-time acquisition and evaluation of this data allows ProStream systems to continuously maximize system efficiency and profitability.


Computer Monitoring Blue 2ProStream systems feature on-board cell modem and SATCOM communication capability. All data collected by the systems is continuously streamed to ReStream servers where it is further analyzed and used to provide customers with customized user interfaces into their operations.


Computer Monitoring Blue 2ProStream systems monitor fluid chemistries and dynamics in real-time, identify potentially problematic conditions within the fluid, and automatically apply the necessary chemistry required to address those problems.


Computer Monitoring Blue 2ProStream systems are built to operate in the harshest oilfield environments and monitor highly contaminated oilfield fluids reliably. ProStream systems can be deployed in Class 1 Div 2, Class 1 Div 1 environments, and can operate in high pressure environments.

The ProStream Production Monitoring Platform’s innovative approach to production monitoring, management, and chemical treatment application will help your company increase well productivity and maintain production equipment and hardware.


ReStream brings real-time system monitoring and the power of cloud computing to the E&P industry


ProStream Fluid Monitoring at Work


Management of drilling, frac, completion, flowback, and production chemistries, flow assurance, and well monitoring


Identification of when and where problematic conditions exist as various fluids are pushed into pipeline and comingled


Management of corrosion, process optimization, regulatory compliance, and equipment longevity

Computer Monitoring Blue 2Monitors drilling fluids, frac fluids and production fluids for real-time data acquisition and control

Chemistry BlueIdentifies the source and type of oilfield chemistry problems

Oil Well Blue IconMonitors well performance, evaluates chemical treatment effectiveness, and controls corrosion

design blue iconIntegrates into existing downstream facilities to optimize process efficiencies

Fluid Fingerprinting Software

Production Fluid Monitoring

Fluid fingerprinting is what allows ReStream to accurately characterize fluid properties and mitigate potential problems. As fluid chemistries and dynamics are recorded in real-time, the ReStream software package identifies fluid trends and identifies fluid response to chemical application regimes. The production chemistry values and analytic relationships across technologies allow for the fingerprinting of down-hole and pipeline conditions. This fingerprinting allows for the establishment of baseline conditions, and identification of changes resulting from different applied stimuli.

ReStream’s proprietary suite of analytical sensors applies composite metric analysis in order to help track and protect against:

  • Pipeline System Corrosion
  • pipe corrosion
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Corrosion
  • Corrosion and Bacteria
  • Scaling
  • Paraffin Build up